Bike & Ski Shop Services

Summit Bike & Ski is located in downtown Bozeman, Montana. We are a locally owned personal shop with over 50 years of experience in bike repair service, ski mounting and tunes. We pride ourselves in providing friendly service and quality repair.

We work with all walks of bicycles year round and seasonally specialize in telemark and backcountry ski gear.

Our shop labor rate is $60/Hour.

Bike Repair Rates

Tune $70
Minor Tune $39
Brake Bleed $20-25
Wheel True $15-20
Wheel Build/Rim Transfer $55
Fix Flat $7 +Tube
Tubeless Setup $10 + Parts
Drivetrain Adjustments $10 +
Bearing Overhaul $15 +
BB Overhaul $15 +
Fork Overhaul $55 + Seals
Rear Linkage Bearing Replacement $75+
Build a Bike $60-100
Box a Bike $50


Ski Shop Rates

Tele Mount $50
AT Mount $50
Tune Up $45
Sharpen $15
Wax $15
Grind $15
Major Ski Mending $50 - ish
Core Shot Fill $10
Boot Center Mounting Point Consulting $120/Hr